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The site is currently in it's 5th layout since it was built on the 29th of April 2002 (tuesday).

It's really weird how this site came to be like this. Changes comes with my mood, I think. Originally, it was not supposed to be an archive for Slam Dunk. I built the site on the 28th within 2 hours and just announced it at babble. The site was too lame...(as if that has changed) anyway, the only content back then were my fanarts...13 of them if I remember it correctly. And the only SD related work I have then is my drawing of Kaede wearing a jacket. The background back then are snow balls ^^;;; *cringes* And the site was untitled. My first trial on site building was really pathetic.

Second layout, the background color was black and the fonts were red >_____< yup! an eyesore. And I came up with "Twilight" as the sites name... don't bother to ask why! Forgot when I uploaded it, it was on the 19th of May I think, and it didn't last long... hmm... a day or two then I changed the layout again for the third time!

This is the third layout, updated on the 24th of May (saturday). It was only then that I made the site an SD only site and I started to want to archive fanarts... Koki's works were the first fanarts I archived here. Honestly, I only had the incling of making my site a Slam Dunk site because I wanted to help in Esra's Slam Dunk Realm Contest... and it requires a sponsor to have a site... so there!

AND THIS IS THE FOURTH LAYOUT and with it I changed the site's name... "...Twilight... An SD Fan Works Site" more like add 5 words! This is the first layout that I actually liked. Updated on Ryota's Bday, the 31st of July 2002 (wednesday). The picture I used was from Shimizu Misaki's doujinshi, "Disciples of the Magician: Spring La La La" There was also a chatterbox which I have now removed, since like the guestbook which I so much hate, no one is posting any message... >_< so I decided to just remove it.

So why did I changed the layout again... I got tired of inline frames and I'm starting to hate too many colors. Aa, I'm moody when it comes to this and I (hopefully for the last time) changed the site's name to what it is now "SDFA" and I also started exposing the site by joining webrings...I actually haven't announced that this site exist to any Mailing List not even in babble, I've only told a few... say 5 or was that 4... And then I started archiving fics... I asked yen, keax, charon, mayumi and glacier if I could archive their fics. All agreed, already have their fics... well except for mayumi, who I think doesn't want me to archive them.

Well, this section is more on to remind me the stupid things I've done before. How I wished I had a pic of my 1st and 2nd layout... something for me to laugh at.

And *thinks* I've changed URL 5 times too... ^^;;;;;

From now on I'll be changing the layout but never the site's name.

That's it for now... 'til the sixth layout then! *winces*

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