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^^ Am not about to tell you anything about me neh. ^^;;;;; hehehehehehe.... For someone as secretive as me this is all I could come up about myself.

Yami no Matsuei Personality: Kurosaki Hisoka
'Bad Boy' Bishounen Match: Kurei (Flame of Recca)
Slam Dunk Character: Mitsui Hisashi
Rurouni Kenshin Character: Shinomori Aoshi
X Character: Kigai Yuuto
Gravitation Character: Yuki Eiri
Ayashi no Ceres Character: Yuuhi Aogiri

Find out what anime bad boy you are.

cold.. or are you?
Find out what bishonen you are.

Find out what anime character cliche you are.

What Inuyasha Character are you?

What Was Your PastLife?

Nuts-O Angel
Find out what anime villain you are.

Strong Man
What's Your Anime Power?

Twelve angels descended from Heaven, each
putting a piece of themselves into those
who would follow them....
Which Angel rests inside you?
Challenge their trial to find out.

What fuzzy creature are you?

test by Leanne
which CCS character are you?

You're Van Fanel!

Find out Which Escaflowne character you are.

You are Heero Yuy. You are considered the Perfect Soldier and pretty much go through with missions as you are told or instinctly act on. You appear to be stone, but deep down there are emotions that help drive your actions.

You're Kishuu Arashi!
Always calm and composed, you aren't prone to dramatic outbursts or displays of emotion. You save your emotion for times when it is really necessary. Some might call you cold or distant, but on the upside, you're very emotionally strong and can take care of yourself. And when the right person comes along, they might just break your shell.
Which Dragon of Heaven are you?
Quiz by Kerianne

Are you a Seme or Uke?

Which Saiyuki Boy are you?

Which Saiyuki boy are you?
Take the Saiyuki Quiz at

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