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Nice of you to drop by at the Slam Dunk Fan Archive!

The main purpose of this site is ofcourse to archive or to collect the written fics and drawn pics by the fans of Slam Dunk. So what makes this site different from the other Slam Dunk site that has fics and pics in them too!? Why don't you find out and tell me yourself!

So far the site contains only a few fanarts and fanfics. After you've seen them all, since you are also a fan of Slam Dunk (or else you wouldn't be here) why not contribute to the fandom yourself!

This is in the simplest layout I could come up with. Less colors too. You could see all the contents of the site at the left table.

what's new!? - are the site updates
fanfiction - err... self-explanatory. its divided into 2 sect, the yaoi and nonyaoi fics, and many groups based on the pairings.
fanarts - self-explanatory too!
submission - another self-explanatory!
links - you already know what it is!
webring - hai hai, the webrings this site has joined.
guestbook - my most hated section cause no one signs in and i just hate it!
disclaimers - copyrights... too many of them
site info - the site evolution... this is its latest evolve form!
webmistress - don't ask!

Oh! And PLEASE DON'T TAKE ANYTHING FROM THE SITE like the fanarts (if they interest you) or the fanfics (if you want to drool over them over and over again) and archive them at your own site WITHOUT THE WRITER'S OR ARTIST'S PERMISSION.


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