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One Day

The apartment was very quiet.
Sendoh clenched his fists in a way totally unlike his normal self.
"He's gone." The words rang our soundly in the empty apartment, echoing through his heart.

Mitsui was just stepping out of the shower when the doorbell rang.
He opened the door and uttered in surprise, "Kaede?"
The next thing he knew, Rukawa was inhis arms, hugging him in a fierce and tight embrace.

Understanding dawned upon Mitsui.
Gently wiping away the tears that glistened on Rukawa's fair skin and in his deep, soulful eyes, he asked, "You left Sendoh?" Rukawa gave a wordless nod.
Seeing the pain and torture etched on that beautiful face, Mitsui reached up and captured his lips in a hot, sealing kiss.

Licking the wetness on Rukawa's face, Mitsui wrapped his arms around Rukawa protectively.
Somehow, they managed to find their way into Mitsui's room and into his bed.

Kissing him hungrily, Mitsui's hands sought to undress Rukawa.
The buttons were deftly undone.
Pushing aside the thin cloth, Mitsui broke into a grin at the smooth expanse of beautiful skin and lean chest so enticingly exposed.

Taking a nipple into his mouth, he touched it tentatively with his tongue.
To his delight, the nipple, reacting to the warm, wet touch hardened immediately.
Teasingly, he continued sucking on the nipple and at the same time, began grinding against Rukawa's groin.
He smirked as he felt the sudden hardness between his thighs.
"Good,… he's aroused…" Mitsui planted feverish kisses on Rukawa's face.

"Senpai…" Rukawa gasped as his pants were swiftly removed, leaving him in his naked glory.

"Hmm?" Mitsui lowered a hand and stroked Rukawa's manhood.

Drawing in another sharp gasp, Rukawa's hands slid from Mitsui's strong shoulders and fumbled for Mitsui's shirt's buttons.

"Not so fast…" Mitsui whispered as he pushed Rukawa back against the sheets.

Rukawa groaned in frustration as Mitsui's hands suddenly left him, leaving him cold and dissatisfied.

However, the warmth soon returned as Mitsui stripped off his clothes and once again started caressing Rukawa's body. He bit Rukawa's slender neck before licking it lightly. The feeling of Mitsui's hands moving along his body was gratifying.

Giving Rukawa a light caress on the lips, he positioned himself as he opened Rukawa's legs.

The bedroom door was flung open. Mitsui was pulled off Rukawa by a strong force. "Akira?' Rukawa whispered.

Sendoh's face held a mixture of sorrow and outrage.
He gazed at Rukawa.
Into those startling cobalt blue eyes, fear and anxiety so vulnerably revealed while still reflecting lust, love and passion.

Sendoh pulled Rukawa into his arms possessively and kissed full on the lips.
His tongue plunged into the warmth of Rukawa's mouth, tasting and feeling.
Rukawa, unable to resist, responded.

Mitsui watched the scene quietly.
When the 2 guys finally broke apart, he strode forward quickly and gave Sendoh an unexpected hard, bruising kiss.

After finally releasing Sendoh who was stunned, he smirked, "I'll make him mine one day, Akira… if you do not cherish him…"

"That day-will never come." Sendoh replied coldly as Rukawa pulled on his clothing and the 2 left.

Mitsui's face held a hint of an evil smile, "Don't be so sure, Akira…we'll see about that…"


Sendoh laid on top of Rukawa, exhausted.

Lacing his fingers through the black silky hair of his love, he whispered, "Kaede,…that day…will it come?"

There was silence as the two boys drifted off to sleep in the musky bedroom which smelt of fresh lovemaking.


"Very soon…indeed…"




One Day © 2002 Keax-XV

SDFA © 2002 fgg

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