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Love and Betrayal Chapter 7


[Somewhere in Kanagawa]

Sakuragi had grown tired from running and is now slowly walking down the streets of Kanagawa. Unaware of his surroundings or whereabouts, he missed the curious glances or appraising looks he received from some of the onlookers. It’s a rare occurrence seeing a redhead in that part of Kanagawa, especially at night. People are busy shouting something or talking to someone, but Sakuragi did not notice any of this, his only thoughts were of his dark-haired blue-eyed handsome lover. [Kaede…Why?] Stifling a sob… he forced his head up and inhaled the cold night air. [No, I don’t want to cry anymore. I need to think. Need to sort this.] “But how?”

“Sakuragi! Sakuragi! Oi Do’aho!”

[Do’aho?] That got Sakuragi’s attention. Whirling around, he came face to face with Mitsui. “Mitchy, who are you calling an idiot?”

“You are. Anyway, what are you doing here? You’re kinna far off from the university.” Asked a very curious scarred player.

Noticing his surroundings for the first time, he said “Uhmm, yeah. Where is this place?”

Laughing at his junior, “Don’t worry Sakuragi, you are still within Kanagawa. But this place is kinna way out of your depth, for now.”

Scanning the area again, “Huh? Why? What is this place?”

Mitsui paused for a moment, he considered not answering but a figure behind him replied with… “It’s a place where lover’s enjoy themselves Hana-chan.”

Blinking his eyes, Sakuragi stared at those shining emerald orbs that glinted rather mischievously at him. [I must really be loosing it.] Mentally head butting himself, “Ken-san! What are you doing here?”

“I came with Mitsui.”

“Mitchy? But I noticed you came from that direction.” Pointing at a certain building at his left where most people seem to be gathering around.

“Yeah, I went back because I forgot something.”

“But you said that that’s a place where lover’s enjoy themselves and the two of you…” Suddenly he got this vision of his sweet senpai. “Mitchy! Are you cheating on Megane-kun?!”

“Don’t be a fool Sakuragi. I wouldn’t do that to Min-kun!” Mitsui denied rather vehemently.

“But what the heck are you doing with our captain, in that place, at this time of the night.” Interjected the redhead, emphasizing each word as if to prove a point.

Fujima sighed, thinking that they are already gaining an audience with the volume of the two hotheaded players, he said, “Hisashi, I think I’ll be ok now. I’ll ask Hana-chan here to accompany me. You get back to Kiminobu.”

“Are you sure? It’s rather late and Min-kun did not want to be worried about you. So do I.” Mitsui’s face kinna softened a bit while talking to the shorter guy.

“I’ll be fine. I’m with Hana-chan and with that hair? He would have been mobbed by those guys over there by now.” Pointing to a group of individuals looking at them with a queer look. Especially at Fujima.

“If you say so. Sakuragi you better take good care of Kenji here.” With that, Mitsui sauntered away back into the direction of the building.

Confused with the whole interchange, Sakuragi asked the shorter boy walking beside him. “Ken-san are you and Mitsui…?” Letting the question trail, not wanting to get the wrong idea.

Without even stammering, “Yes Hana-chan, Mitsui and I are kinna together. But not the kind you and Rukawa have, it’s more like a physical thing.” At the mention of the name, Sakuragi was reminded of the reason how he got there in the first place and a pained expression crossed his features once again.

Not noticing his companion’s change, Fujima continued, “Don’t worry about Kiminobu, he’s very well aware of it. We make a great threesome.”

Sakuragi’s eyes widened at that notion, “Huh? You mean the three of you?”

“Yes. But I am just the middle or the tier between us. Those two love each other and sometimes I don’ even want to intrude. But the thing is, they were the ones who first understood that I was gay and being without a lover myself, I need an outlet.”

“But Ken-san, you can have any lover you want. You are definitely good looking.” He said, blushing a little.

“As good looking as your Kaede?”

“Sorry Ken-san but, no one is as good looking as my Kaede.” He proudly beamed. But after a moment, he stopped. [My Kaede…no, I just left him and with Sendoh. God what have I done?]

“Hana-chan, what’s wrong?”

Fujima saw the pain in those brown eyes burned at the mention of the missing boyfriend. “Where is Rukawa?”

“I don’t know.”

“Did you two have a fight?”

No response… Noticing that the redhead is close to tears, he stopped his questioning and tugged at his hand, motioning him to follow. “Come on, let’s go back to my place.”

“Your place?”

“Yeah it’s not very far from here.”

Not having any place to go, he decided to just let his captain lead him, not even attempting to remove his hand from Fujima’s grasp.


{Some time later – at a certain part of Kanagawa}

“Where is he?” Sendoh asked for the 5th time that night. Irritating the slightly shorter guy next to him with his whining. “We’ve searched almost every street in Kanagawa and still we can’t find him? How can we miss a tall redhead? Maybe he’s return to your room already?”


“How would you know? We’ve not even tried looking there yet.”

“I know Hanamichi, he won’t be there.”

Sendoh immediately shut his mouth upon noticing the sad and desolated expression of the younger guy. “Don’t worry Rukawa, we’ll find him and we’ll get him back. There’s no way Sakuragi can resist two gorgeous guys like us.” He said, trying to lighten up the mood.

But the raven head is not as optimistic. “I don’t know…”

“Come on.” Sendoh urged. “We’ll search again. Know of any place we haven’t looked yet? Where he would frequent? How about his Gundan?”

Rukawa just shrugged his shoulders, and kept walking.

[This is definitely not Rukawa… Man he changed a lot.] Sendoh thought.

“Oi Rukawa.”

Both turned to look ahead and found Mitsui and Kogure coming towards them. They stopped and waited till the other two reach them.

“So what are the two of you doing here?” Questioned Kogure.

“You and Sendoh on a date or something?”

Rukawa just glared and said nothing.

Amused with the notion, “No. We were just looking for Rukawa’s boyfriend here. See they kinna got into some sort of argument and the redhead just ran away.”

Rukawa would have kicked Sendoh for giving too much information but Mitsui’s next words stopped him.

“I just saw him earlier.”

“Really? Where?” The tallest player asked. Excited that at least they have a lead on where to look and not just wonder about in Kanagawa all night. Not that he disliked the company.

“If you are asking me where is he now, I can’t answer you that because I left him with Fujima.”

Sendoh felt his companion stiffen. “With Fujima? Right now? How can he, were they together when you saw him?”

Cautious not to give too much away, “Err… No, Sakuragi was alone when I saw him. Fujima was with Min-kun and I.”

Still perplexed, “So how can you say that they’re together?”

“Because I left Fujima with carrot top and I saw them walking away together. No, make that Fujima dragging Sakuragi to follow him.” Mitsui supplied recalling the scene that he saw, suddenly he remembered an expression on the redhead’s face when he first bumped into him earlier that night.

Looking at his teammate, “What kind of fight did the two of you have Rukawa? I have never seen that idiot look so lost like tonight.”

Rukawa did not flinch at that accusing gaze his senior gave him. He just replied, “It’s none of your business.”

Elbowing his lover, “You’re right Rukawa, it’s nobody’s business. But, like Hisashi already said, we can’t tell you where Sakuragi is right now.”

“Great! Just great. Now we have nowhere to look!” Sendoh exclaimed. Feeling disappointed with the turnabout. “Isn’t there anywhere? How about Fujima? Where would he likely go?”

Remembering something, “You could try his apartment.” Said Kogure.

Horrified at the possibility, Rukawa quickly brushed away the thought of what his pretty captain might do to his ‘aho at his apartment, and abruptly asked his senior for the address. Soon after, the duo bade the two seniors goodbye and went to find the redhead. Rukawa’s mind is swirling with the intention of harming the pretty green-eyed captain if he so ever touches his Hana.

Mitsui and Kogure watched as the two dark haired players disappeared into the night. “Min-kun, are you deliberately trying to scare me?”

Puzzled, “Why?”

“Did you not see Rukawa’s face when you even hinted that Sakuragi is with Kenji and in his apartment of all places?”

“But you were the one who said they were together.”

“Yeah but I did not say where, did I?”

“Well, he did looked kinna…mad?”

“Mad? Are you blind? Those eyes were shouting bloody murder!” Mitsui shuddered, remembering the angry glint that lighted those cobalt-blue eyes.

Laughing at his lover’s outburst, he tenderly wrapped his arms around Mitsui’s waist and said, “I was not worried. I know you’ll protect me. Besides those eyes were not directed at me but at Kenji.”

Returning the embrace, “Guess, you’re right. Hey you think Kenji might need protection?”

“No, Kenji can handle himself. Besides, he won’t be stupid enough to touch Sakuragi. He knows how the boy loves his kitsune. Now let’s go back to our room. I need sleep.” Yawning, Kogure lead his lover back, but not without silently praying that all will turn out well between Sakuragi and Rukawa.


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