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Decision Regretted

Sendoh hesitated as Koshino opened his house door reluctantly.

Images of the two of them when they were still together went like a whirlwind in his head.

Drawing in a much-needed breath, he smiled weakly." Hi."

"What do you want?" Koshino asked icily, eyeing Sendoh with distaste and suspicion.

"We need to talk." Sendoh said desperately, a hand slammed against the door to stop Koshino from banging it shut there and then.

"I don't have anything to say to you." Koshino deadpanned. Inside him, voices yelled at him, begging him to forgive Sendoh for the last time or ordering him to shut the door in Sendoh's face. Somewhere, he heard his inner voice fighting all the other voices. 'I'm leaving him because he lied too much. He never did appreciate me...' Striving to convince himself, Koshino struggled not to look at the pleading look in his ex's eyes.

2 nights ago...(The Anniversary of their Relationship)

"Hey, Koshino, care to go for a drink with us?"

Koshino grinned at his teammates," Nah. Thanks for the offer though. I gotta rush home.

And he did rush home. Sendoh had been away the past week in France, visiting his parents. Now that he was back, Koshino was prepared to jack him up all night with some lethal injections.

Fumbling for his key, Koshino paused when he heard some voices behind him.

When he caught sight of Sendoh first, he was stunned. Ducking behind some trees in the garden, he strained to hear what Sendoh was saying to his companion.

"I'll see you next Tuesday then, Aki-chan?" a sweet voice of a young girl tittered.

"Sure. That's a deal..." Koshino had to bit his lip to prevent the growl of anger that was threatening to escape his lips.

"Thanks for the great time today..."the girl purred seductively.

Koshino immediately wished he hadn't steal a peek at what the two was doing. The passionate kiss they were sharing, and that tight embrace was enough to drive Koshino furious.

"AKIRA SENDOH!" He exploded at last.

Sendoh was shell-shocked. He froze, turned, and caught sight of Koshino.

Koshino was trembling. Not from the extreme cold of the merciless winter. But the bitter truth. Hard, cold facts to back up the truth about Sendoh's flings.

"Who is he, Aki-chan?" the innocent-looking girl by Sendoh's side enquired as she threw Koshino a strange glare of scorn.

"He's...he's a friend." Sendoh replied after he finally found his long-lost ability to speak.

Koshino was struck by the meaning of Sendoh's words. He recognized the girl.

One of Sendoh's fans from Ryonan High.

"A friend...why..."the girl did not have time to finish her sentence as Sendoh began cajoling her to leave for home.

Koshino stood, facing Sendoh.

"What do you have to say for yourself?" he whispered hoarsely.

"Hiro-kun, I'm sorry, I really am. I..." Sendoh instantly regretted his every word and action as he gazed into the accusing eyes of his lover.

"Just back from France and you found the need to fool with aother one of your groupies." Koshino's pained stare had evolved into a scornful gaze.

Sendoh knew he could not explain this away. There was no way he could.

"Let's break up." came the inevitable words.


"I don't need you to speak. Just...Just listen to me...please." Sendoh clenched his fists.

Koshino frowned, before stepping back slowly to let Sendoh in.

"Sit." Koshino directed to an armchair. Sendoh sat down compliantly. "Coffee?" Koshino handed a steaming cup of coffee to Sendoh a few moments later. Sendoh nodded.

"Alright, you have exactly seven minutes. Start." Koshino said curtly.

"I am here. To beg for your...forgiveness..."Sendoh confessed.

"That's all? You wasted my and your time then. No. And that's final. Go look for your groupies and stay away from me from now on. Haven't I made it clear enough that day?" Koshino yelled before he could stop himself. The pent-up emotions finally found their release.

"Please, I'm not here to fight with you." Sendoh reached out to touch Koshino.

"Don't touch me." Koshino recoiled and snarled.

Sendoh saw it with his own eyes. The digust, the fear, the rage Koshino had for him.And he was pained. Dreadful hurt stabbed at the back of his head.

Sendoh abruptly stood up. Stroding across the living room, he made his way to the stairway leading up to the second floor. Where Koshino's bedroom was. Blood pounded in his veins as he reassured himself. 'Hiro-kun still loves me. He wouldn't have gotten rid of the things we shared so fast...there would be at least photos left...'

Koshino panicked as he chased after Sendoh.

Sendoh flung open the bedroom door. And froze at the doorway.

"I see..." Sendoh smiled wryly as he raised his head to gaze unblinkingly at the ceiling.

Jin was more than a little surprised to see Sendoh bursting into the room.

He gazed at a panting Koshino behind Sendoh and questioned,"Hiroaki. What's going on?"

Sendoh's sorrowful face was replaced by an expression of wistfulness as he mutterd, "I'm sorry for disturbing..."

A soft click from the front door signified Sendoh's leaving.

Jin gave Koshino a look of utmost disappointment as he settled back to looking for a book in Koshino's room.

" Why do I get an inkling you *forgot* to mention to Sendoh that I'm your cousin from your mother's side? And the fact that I'm going to be boarding at your house for a few weeks until my own apartment is ready?" Jin raised an eyebrow as he straightened up, clutching the book he was looking for in his hand. "You 2 haven't made up?"

Koshino snapped, "Why did you have to be in here just now?"

Jin blinked as he chuckled,"What? Now it's my fualt?"

Koshino glared at his amused cousin before sighing in defeat," Alright, ain't your fault."

Jin smiled in satisfaction." Absolutely correct."

He walked past Koshino and procceded back to his room.

Pausing as he reached, Jin called out, "Honestly, if you two's relationship means so much to the both of's time you start regretting your own decision."

A derisive snort and a loud slam of the door was heard.

Jin shrugged as he grinned slightly, "Your loss, my dear itoko..."


To Be Continued


Decision Regretted © 2002 Keax-XV

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