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Answered Prayer

A long day was over again, the sun was setting over the horizon. The steady dull roar of the bus's engine lulled many people to sleep in the crowded bus.

Sitting by the window, he watched wordlessly out of the window, at the street scene as the bus rumbled gently on. Flashes of the past made him blink, as he continued staring and recalling.

[As I look outside the bus
Through the transparent glass
I thought back to the memories I held>br> Of all the times I fell]

Sendoh remembered all the countless dates he had with different girls. He remembered going after another girl every week. He often left behind broken hearts. But that was because he had been cruelly shattered too. He knew he was not straight during junior high. How gullible he had been. Fighting to keep this feared secret in his heart, while he fell in love with this guy. He never knew his full name. He only knew him as Takashi, his senior.

On that fateful day, when he gathered his wits to confess his love, … he was rejected. And shunned by all who knew him. He thought he was never going to be able to face himself again. He thought that he was wrong. He should not feel this way. This is not how guys are supposed to be. They were made to fall in love, …with girls.

He resolved to turn over a new leaf. Leaving his past behind, he came to a new environment. When no one knew and no one cared to find out. He was reckless. Everyone thought of him as a playboy. The way he carelessly hooked up this girl and ditching her a few days later. But he never bedded anyone. He just could not make himself do it. Even when the girl was willing, he was afraid. He was afraid he would not like it. He knew he would not enjoy it. No feelings towards anyone of the opposite sex made him despair. Was he destined to be this way? Many times he felt like crying, fearful of facing his own choices and preferences. He wished he had a soulmate. Someone to love and believe in him.

[Thinking back of how everything started…
Of how I had once been broken-hearted…
But now there's someone to mend my heart…
The heart which had been torn apart.]

Returning back to reality as the bus halted at a bus stand, Sendoh smiled inwardly. Everything was different now. Ever since he met him, he knew everything changed. He never thought he would feel like this again. He was desperately succumbing to the power of love, the strength he had tried to fight.

And he was stunned. Speechless when Koshino confessed his love for him. He felt like he was finally real. At last, a reason for his existence in this unfeeling society that is reluctant to bend rules.

He turned to Koshino for love. He trusted him and cared for him with all his body and soul. And thankfully for him, Koshino returned his passion and love. Mutual understanding added essence to their shared relationship and lives. Sendoh knew his path. The road he should take now that he had Koshino.

He alighted from the bus. He gazed around, searching for his love. "Akira." He turned, to see the smiling face of Koshino. "Hiro-kun…".

Koshino reached up and fingered his cheek lightly before pulling Sendoh in for a heated kiss.

Sendoh knew his prayers were answered as the 2 soulmates made their way home in the dusk, hand-in-hand.

[Now there's someone I love…
Someone who loves me too…
I thank the people up above…
For making my prayers come true.]




Answered Prayer © 2002 Keax-XV

SDFA © 2002 fgg

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